About Trucker’s Pride

Designed specifically for heavy haulage trucks, Trucker’s Pride is a range of cleaning and polishing products designed to make any vehicle sparkle like new inside and out.

Blair Shearer has spent over 18 years in the trucking business –  In all those years Blair took a real pride in both the way he drove and how his truck looked – but there was a problem.

“I wanted my truck to look good.  Not only does sparkling paintwork and chrome reflect well you as a truckie, it just feels better to be inside the cab when you know it looks great outside.  But, even though I tried every metal polishing product on the market, I could never get the ultimate shine on the alloy wheels.”

Problem solved

Unable to find an alloy or chrome polishing product that gave him the look he wanted, Blair made it a goal to develop his own.

Working in his basement at home, he set out to create the ultimate alloy and chrome polish for polishing truck wheels and exteriors.  By trial and error he researched and mixed various compounds until, in mid-2013, he had success; the best truck metal polishing compound you’ll ever find was born.  Blair named it Trucker’s Pride.

The story continues… …Trucker’s Pride Truck Metal Polish

Since then the story of Trucker’s Pride has grown.  No longer is it a basement operation.  Trucker’s Pride Alloy Finishing Polish has been approved by all relevant market and trade groups and is available from distributors New Zealand-wide and the Trucker’s Pride online ordering page. Now since early 2016 also from Australia at www.truckerspride.com.au and as far afield as Canada, give Daniel a call at Greatwest Kenworth in Clairmont  www.greatwestkenworth.com

And, of course, it’s not just for trucks, whatever vehicle you drive, it will look a whole lot better with a Trucker’s Pride sparkle.

But wait, there’s more…

Not content with just the shiny metal parts, Blair turned his attention to getting the same great look over the rest of his truck.  That means, now you can give the Trucker’s Pride treatment to more than just the metal on your truck.  Check out the latest Trucker’s Pride products:

  • Trucker’s Pride Alloy Finishing Polish – the original Trucker’s Pride vehicle metal polish for alloy, copper, brass, bronze, chrome, stainless; any metal will shine like new.
  • Trucker’s Pride Black Label Cut – the all new cutting polish to use in preparation for Trucker’s Pride finishing polish – your truck never looked so good!
  • Interior Pride – polish for the interior of your vehicle.  The same vehicle polishing power that goes into Trucker’s Pride Alloy polish will have your dash and vinyl sparkling like new.
  • Trucker’s Pride Truck Wash – the ultimate Truck Washing liquid.  Ideal for any sized vehicle.
  • Trucker’s Pride De-Tar – making it easy to remove tar splashes from your truck’s paintwork and metalwork.
  • Trucker’s Pride Tyre Dressing – a silicone-based tyre dressing to enhance and protect all automotive tyres with a natural sheen finish.  Any vehicle looks better when the tyres have a Trucker’s Pride shine.
  • Trucker’s Quick Gloss  – Enhances paint colour, Repels Dirt & Grime, Crystal clear results on paints, glass, alloy, chrome, stainless, helps you keep your vehicle looking sharp with a freshly detailed look that lasts!


Trucker’s Pride products and polishing accessories are suitable for all vehicles, from trucks to vans to cars.

The full Trucker’s Pride range is available from outlets throughout New Zealand or by ordering online.

If you want to know more about how to get your vehicle sparkling inside and out,  contact Blair – the man who created Trucker’s Pride.